All of our patterns are shown below, we would like you to still join our group if possible or use the contact information to get in touch with an admin for an address to send your octopus or jellyfish. We truly believe the best thing for the babies are for all octopus and jellyfish to be sent to an admin for safety check before being handed out to your local hospital. If you don’t wish to use our coordinator service but want your checked octopus back you must include a return bag with address and prepaid postage.

The Standard Danish Jellyfish US Terms

The Standard Danish Jellyfish UK Terms

The Big Danish Jellyfish US Terms

The Big Danish Jellyfish UK Terms

Octopus crochet US terms

Knitted straight on 2 needles new sizes

Octopus crochet UK terms

Knitted in round on DPNs new sizes

Howard the Alien US terms

Howard the Alien UK terms

Flat knitted octopus new sizes

Crochet Flat Jellyfish US terms

Crochet Flat Jellyfish UK terms