· What kind of yarn can I use for making the octopus and jellyfish?
All octopus and jellyfish must be made from 100% cotton yarn. We recommend 4ply or DK
· Is my octopus too big or too small?
 The size of the octopus’s head should be between 6cm and 9cm. Tentacles, when fully stretched out must be between 16 and 22 cm
· What type of filling should be used?
MUST be filled with a hypo allergenic filling which can be washed at 60 degrees and tumble dried
· Is using of safety eyes, buttons or beads safe?
All faces must be made from 100% cotton yarn. Safety eyes and other attachments are not safe.
· Can I put a rattle/ a bell into the octopus?
A bell/ a rattle must not to be put into the octopus.
· Who is responsible for washing the octopuses?
Every mom gets the instruction how the octopus should be washed (60⁰C using anti allergic washing liquid). A person who makes the octopus does not have to wash it.
· What to do when tentacles are not curling?
The curl of the tentacles are not important, the tiny baby needs something to hold on to, and the curl of the tentacle is not important for this purpose.
· Are my octopuses pretty enough?
Many pictures of the octopuses show that people who make them decorate their projects in interesting way. We feel this is taking the focus away from the purpose of the octopus, so we ask that all octopus and jellyfish are kept simple, limited of colour changes, and simple faces. No hats or other big accessories.
· Can I attach any card/ticket with wishes?
We ask you don’t attatch anything to the octopus or jellyfish, we will simply remove it when checking and packing them, ready for the hospitals.
· Do hospitals choose the octopuses on their own?
No. The coordinators are responsible for collecting and delivering the octopuses to the hospitals. After delivery of the octopuses every neonatal branch divides them between the premature babies.
· Is it possible to buy or order the octopus?
Unfortunately it is not possible. We are the group of volunteers who crochet the octopuses for premature babies being in the hospitals located in the UK. We do not sell the octopuses.
· Who should I contact when I have a question related to sending of the octopuses?
Please send an e-mail to the organizer of the action (octopusforapreemie@yahoo.com) or search the coordinator assigned to the nearest hospital in your area. Or join our Facebook group:
Octopus for a preemie UK