A big donation has landed

The doorbell went, and outside stood a delivery man, with the biggest bag of yarn I have ever seen! I had spoken to a lovely man called Thomas from the company http://www.tbramsden.co.uk/

Thomas had kindly asked how much companies usually donate to us, and how much we needed, I was very vague in my answering as the last thing anyone wants is to sound greedy and ungrateful. The amount that Thomas arranged for us, will help so many of our less fortunate members, and we have enough to use for competitions for our members to have the change to benefit from this amazing generosity!

Thank you so much!

Welcome to Octopus for a preemie UK

Welcome to our page! As you have found your way in here you are either a crafty person looking to join us, you might be a sponsor, or you might be a parent of a premature baby, looking to acquire an octopus or jellyfish for your baby. Regardless of which of the above category you fit into, I’m certain you will find all your answers on our page.

Octopus for a preemie UK, are mostly working out of our Facebook group, we assign coordinators to hospitals, delegate where octopus and jellyfish should be sent and hospitals sends their requests to us this way.

Please join us on Facebook, or contact me on email for any further queries.